Repetition Is Important For Desensitization In The Horse

Caren and Anja riding in perfect sync at desensitization clinicI took my Big Boy "Sacramento" a 6 1/2 yr. old Andalusian, to a Desensitization clinic that my girl friend put on last weekend.  I tell you what….it was great!  Sacramento is a BIG Baby.  He has separation anxiety and has a little low self esteem.  So,  I really praise him a lot and I go over board to let him know he is has done a good job. It really has helped boost  his confidence.  Even the smallest of things like backing a couple steps (using himself correctly) I really make a big stink over it.

Actually he really surprised me at the clinic.  I thought he would come unglued with all the crazy obstacles, but he did NOT.  He really just took everything in stride.  The clinic gave me the opportunity to discover some things that I wasn't aware of.  For example, with the sound obstacle he was fine going with the obstacle on the right, but he was not ok with it on the left side.  Maybe due to deer ticks in his ears  several summers ago that may have caused some hearing loss? He really surprised me with the car wash obstacle and even the fire crossing .  After he  checked it out a little bit he then went over it with only a little encouragement.  The flag obstacle worried him a little bit more, but he still when through them.

Caren and Sacramento going through the carwash     Caren and Sacramento going over the matress

Caren and Sacramento going through FIRE

 By the end of the end of the day he didn't care about anything….what a good boy!
 It was a great confidence building experience for him.

 I can't wait for our Obstacle/Fun Day here at C&C Colt Company in May to see all his progress, and how much more confident he will be by then.  The more he is exposed to these new things, and in a supportive atmosphere, the easier it becomes for him.

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