Intro To Classical Dressage With Caren Ruthven

Although the discipline of classical dressage has ancient roots, in Europe dressage was first recognized as an important pursuit during the Renaissance.  Classical dressage is still considered the basis for modern dressage, i.e. competition.  The training philosophy in dressage is to build suppleness and muscle strength in the horse while mentally becoming calmer and more stable.  

Caren has been using classical dressage to help develop her young Andalusian for several years, and she's noticed a huge improvement in his overall physical and emotional fitness.  He's beginning to learn how to carry himself correctly, developing the correct muscles and muscle memory which will prepare him for the higher level movements that will come later on. 

In the following video, Caren demonstrates some of the exercises and techniques that she uses in her regular sessions with her horse. 

If you are interested in learning how Classical Dressage can help your horse, join Caren Ruthven in her new clinic Intro To Classical Dressage where she will walk you through the process of introducing your horse to lunging, work in hand, and basic under saddle exercises with an emphasis on rider seat and position in accordance with classical principles.  Visit the Clinic Schedule here –


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