Horse Won’t Gain Weight

Arabian horse won't gain weight

Recently, we had an Arabian horse come to stay with us here at C&C Colt Company.  He was severely underweight, grumpy and didn't move very well.  He was very stiff, short-strided, and generally very tense.  We called in Dr. DePaulo, our equine chiropractor.  He said he felt like he was very uncomfortable in his own body and didn't want to be in his body.  

His appetite was good, but it was like he wasn't getting any nutritional value out of his food.  He was in flight mode all the time.  He seemed like he was not even mentally in his body.  Everything seemed just very instinctual rather than having any thought behind it.  

We had him on diatomaceous earth and colloidal silver, but didn't get any improvement with those.  So we added applie cider vinegar and still nothing.  We also did a fecal and it was determined that he needed a power pak.  

So we had Dr. DePaulo come out and check him and found that he had ulcers.  Not a big surprise considering his state of mind.  He was unable to adjust him until the ulcers were addressed, so we added Excel to his regimen.  Within 30 days he started to put on a a little bit of weight and we were able to have Dr. DePaulo back out to do the adjustments he noted from his previous visit.  

He's been on the Excel for 6 months now, along with ACV, various essential oils, and ProBios.  He's shown great improvement over that time and looks like a different horse both physically and mentally.  His movement is so much freer and he now floats when he trots off, which he couldn't do before because of his gut pain and the level of inflammation in his body. 




So while at first glance much of what we see at the surface may look emotional, sometimes that can be secondary to a physical issue.  It pays huge dividends to dig a little bit deeper to find the roots of a problem with your horse.  Give them the benefit of the doubt when behavioral issues crop up. 

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