Horse Training Services

Colt starting services, under saddle training with a confident horse - www.cccoltcompany.comChris believes that the way a young horse is started under saddle has a lot to do with how he performs as a finished horse. 

No matter what goals you have for your horse, from a competent trail riding companion to Olympic level dressage horse, a strong foundation is the key to your horse's success.  Chris uses principles and techniques he developed from his many years of experience working with all ages, breeds and types of horses, as well as incorporates concepts learned from masters of the natural horsemanship movement, such as Ray Hunt, Lee Smith and Pat Parelli. 

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"I was really impressed when I received a weanling colt that Chris and Caren had worked with.  Jassur had obviously been handled with loving care.  He knew how to lead, pick up his feet and had a calm, trusting personality that only comes from respectful, kind training." 

Shawn Crews
Manager & Head Trainer, Arabians Ltd.

Taking A Gentle Approach To A Confident Horse

Taking a gentle approach to a confident horse - www.cccoltcompany.comOur goal is always to turn out a confident horse that knows and can do whatever job it is given well.  At C&C Colt Company, we expose the horses in our training program to a wide range of desensitizing stimuli to build confidence. Through our quiet and gentle training methods, we build communication, trust and respect, the building blocks of a solid foundation. 

These building blocks begin with "building the whoa", allowing the horse to realize that it can relax and take time to think.  Only then does Chris "build the go", working on free movement at various gaits…and then on to "building direction" to develop a responsive horse.  One who is ready to go when you want, how you want and where you want in a confident and relaxed manner. 

By learning that it is allowed to stop when it encounters something scary, the horse is able to develop confidence in itself and its human and never feels the need to run away from things it fears.  Chris gives the horse time to think and teaches it how to learn. 

Foundation Repair For Behavior Problems

C&C Colt Company specializes in foundation repair and colt starting, taking horses that other top trainers have deemed untrainable.  Chris' many years of experience with many different breeds and types of horses has given him the ability to see beneath the surface issues and get quickly to the root of the problem and correcting it.  Most behavior problems can be resolved by filling the holes in the horse's foundation training.  By breaking every task into its smallest component, Chris builds the horse's confidence in learning so that when the components ar then combined into a more advanced task, the horse is ready, willing and up to the challenge. 

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Range of Training Services

C&C Colt Company offers a wide range of horse training services - www.cccoltcompany.comIn addition to colt starting, Chris also trains horses in:

  • Halter breaking
  • Ground work
  • Trailer loading
  • Reining
  • Western pleasure
  • English pleasure
  • Jumping
  • Eventing
  • Refresher training
  • Correcting problems
  • Foaling & Imprinting
  • We also offer training services for stallions.

As an added benefit to our clients who wish to offer their horse for sale, we offer free ad placement on our Sale Horses page to horses in training with us. 

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