Professional Horse Training Certification Program

Customize your horse training certification experience - set your goals and focus for a career with horses - www.cccoltcompany.comWhatever your goal, the C&C Colt Company Horse Training Certification Program can help you get there through a flexible approach that allows you to learn in a variety of ways.

As an student, Chris will teach you the principals behind the C&C Colt Company philosophy, how to develop a calm and quiet horse, have a clear understanding of horses from the horse's perspective, develop softness, feel and an independent and secure seat. He walks the student through the theory behind his training methods and helps the student develop the communication, feel and riding skills necessary to build a strong foundation to a confident and willing horse. 

At the end of their stay, each student will be presented with a Certificate recognizing their time and achievements with C&C Colt Company.  For those with professional aspirations, in order to achieve Endorsed/Approved Trainer status, a skill set exam is administered at the end of their training. 

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Flexible and Affordable

C&C Colt Company's horse training certification program is the most flexible and affordable natural horse training program available.  This flexibility ensures that all of our students can successfully complete the program, from those interested in seriously pursuing a career in horse training, to those just wanting to expand their knowledge and skills for their own personal growth.  The program is limited to four participants at any one time, ensuring that each student will receive individual attention. 

Students may bring their own horse to work on specific issues or development, or for those seeking general horsemanship training, a wide variety of horses are available to work with at the ranch. 

Customize Your Experience

At the beginning of the program, each student completes a Goal Sheet to outline their objectives and learning needs.  The students' experience at C&C Colt Company will be tailored to those specific needs.  Whether your goals are in the professional arena or enjoying a pleasurable trail ride with your horse, we have a program that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget. 

Unlike most other horsemanship programs available today, our apprenticeship program is completely customizable and flexible.  Chris evaluates each student individually, gauging their skill level in the areas of ground skills, reading horse behavior and in the saddle.  He then focuses specifically on what is needed with that student's skill level and personal goals in mind.  This ensures that each student is given the appropriate level of challenge, providing for a most effective learning environment. 

Common themes in Chris' training program will be covered as appropriate from the initial learning phases of the young horse, through to honing the students riding skills in preparation for advanced riding (see Lessons & Clinics page for more information about these themes).

Students are offered the opportunity to study herd behavior and mare and foal care. C&C Colt Company is at the heart of Texas horse country and also incorporates a wide range of horse-related extracurricular activities, such as going on relaxing trail rides and field trips to local horse events, shows and clinics. 

International students are welcome at C&C Colt Company, we offer many resources to get you on your horsemanship journey - www.cccoltcompany.comInternational Students – The Ultimate Horsemanship Holiday

Our program offers the opportunity to meet like-minded horse enthusiasts from all over the world. In addition to learning experiences, students will be right in the middle of “horse heaven” in Texas, where the variety of disciplines, opportunities and experiences is un-ending. Student may also like to incorporate local tourism activities into their stay to make the most of their time in the Lone Star State.

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International students are welcome and encouraged to contact us about our program.  We have accommodation available for both short and long term stays.

General Information

  •   Must be at least 18 years of age. 
  •   Cost is $1500/week, or save 1/2 price at $3000/month. 
  •   Non-refundable deposit required of one-third total cost to reserve spot, balance due upon arrival. 
  •   Each student will be allowed to bring one horse, or will have access to a C&C Colt Company horse for training. 
  •   Cost includes lodging and one stall. 
  •   Student is responsible for food for themselves and their horse, as well as daily care and upkeep of their horse. 
  •   Horses are available for those that are unable to bring their own horse, at no additional charge. 

Horse Qualifications

  •   Current proof of negative Coggins. 
  •   Current on all vaccinations. 
  •   Must be able to ride in an arena setting at the walk and trot. 


Please call for availability. 


Lodging is available for both short and long term stay at our newly remodeled 2-bedroom, 1-bath cottage.  The cottage has a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, and very comfortable living area with educational equestrian training DVD’s and books to refer to.  The cottage is located within walking distance of the ranch, for easy access. 

Newly remodeled bunkhouse     Living Room     Fully Equipped Kitchen