Using Horses To Inspire Kids – Horse Mentorship Program

Meet Brandon, one of C&C Colt Company's Horse Mentorship Program students (we have something horsey for ALL ages!).  Brandon is 12 years old and has been coming to visit us for the past 3 years from Wisconsin.  Brandon is the … Continue reading

Repetition Is Important For Desensitization In The Horse

I took my Big Boy "Sacramento" a 6 1/2 yr. old Andalusian, to a Desensitization clinic that my girl friend put on last weekend.  I tell you what….it was great!  Sacramento is a BIG Baby.  He has separation anxiety and … Continue reading

Clinic Offers Water Crossing Confidence For Your Horse

Do you have trouble with crossing water on your horse?  Most of the time this behavior is rooted in fear.  Horse's have poor depth perception and putting their foot on a tarp or in the water can be a daunting … Continue reading